1. Name of the Association: The Coimbatore Golf Club

2. Registered Office:

Chettipalayam, Coimbatore – 641 201. Coimbatore District

Administrative Office:

S F No. 42 (New 1/785) Chettipalayam Road, Chettipalayam, Coimbatore – 641 201.

4. Club Premises: - do-

5. Office Hours: 9: AM to 1: PM & 2PM to 5 PM (on all days except Mondays & Holidays)

6. Jurisdiction: Under the Jurisdiction of the Registrar of Societies, Coimbatore

7. Date of Formation: 12th October, 1977.


a) To promote social relations between the Gentlemen and their families who are socially eligible and who have a genuine desire to participate in and perpetuate the traditions and way of life of the founders of the club and their successors.

b) To Promote the welfare of the members of the club by providing facilities for meetings, recreations, catering, games and accommodation in the premises of the Club.

c) To promote sporting activities, primarily Golf, Tennis, Swimming and any other recognised sports.

d) To Promote such other activities towards the advancement of the general interest of the Members of the Club without profit motive.


There shall be 8 classifications of membership:

1. Golfing Member

2. Institutional Member

3. Temporary Member

4. Honorary Member

5. Junior Member

6. Invitational Member

7. Social Member

8. Short Term Temporary Member


Ladies and Gentlemen of Social standing of the age of 21 years and above shall be eligible for membership of all categories of the Club except Junior Membership



Golfing member means a person who applies to the club through the committee to avail membership for playing golf and whose proposal is accepted by the Executive Committee and who pays the prescribed entrance fee, green fee and subscription and any other fee or maintenance charges decided by the Executive Committee from time to time. Such golfing member shall obtain a valid handicap as per the procedure prescribed by the committee after taking necessary coaching lessons within a period of 18 months from the date of acceptance of this proposal. Such golfing member shall maintain a handicap by playing regularly unless he is exempted from playing by the Executive Committee and the golfing member should maintain a handicap at least for a period of 05 years from the date of becoming a golfing member. A golfing member who does not maintain a valid handicap for the next 05 years may convert his membership as a social member by paying the additional entrance fee as applicable on the date of his becoming a golfing member and if he does not maintain a valid handicap during the next 05 years, the committee may treat him as a social member and recover the difference of entrance fee from him. Once a golfing member gets converted as a social member, he will not have any right to vote from the date of such conversion.


Such Institutional member means a Company, Trust, Society or Limited Liability Partnership Firm. Such institute can nominate not more than 2 persons to use the club by paying such sum as may be determined by the Executive Committee and such persons nominated should be from the top managerial cadre of the institution and they shall pay the subscription applicable as determined by the committee and further charges and monthly bills. Such Institutional Members is limited to a maximum period of 15 years.


Temporary Member shall mean Ladies and Gentlemen who are genuinely interested in learning the game of golf and to become a handicap holder, as granted by the Club. The period for obtaining the handicap is 18 months and may be extended at the discretion of the Executive Committee and at the end of the said period as granted by the Committee, a temporary member can apply for a golfing membership, if he is granted a valid handicap by our club. However such granting of membership is at the discretion of the Executive Committee. Such a temporary member during the said period shall have no voting rights.

If a temporary member is unable to obtain a valid handicap, for any reason he has the option to apply for a social membership or give up the temporary membership at the end of the 18 months. In the event the Executive Committee accepts his application for a Social Member, such member shall pay the difference in Entrance Fee required to become a Social Member. If the temporary member chooses not to become a Social Member or if the Executive Committee chooses not to accept his application for Social Membership 60% (Sixty percent) of the Entrance Fee paid under this category of membership shall be refunded.


Any distinguished person recommended by the Executive Committee may be invited to be a Honorary member. He shall have no right to vote and need not pay any Subscription. Members spouse and dependent children below the age of 21 years are eligible to use the Club’s facilities. The total number of such members will be at the discretion of the Executive Committee by time to time.


Invitational member means Ladies and gentlemen of Social standing and who have completed the age of 21 years and who are invited by the Committee. Such Invitation Member shall have no voting right and they may be invited by the Committee to be a member for a period not exceeding one year. However, the Committee is empowered to extend the period of invitation beyond one year in its discretion. If the period is not extended by the Committee, the invitation extended to such member would, ipso facto terminate when the period invitation ends. The total number of Invitation Members shall not exceed 5 at any point of time. All Invitational members term will expire at the 31st December of every year subject to renewal with the Committee.


i. Social Member means those members who are not keen to play Golf but who are desirous of availing facilities available in the Club and who are enrolled as Social Members with effect from 1.1.1998. Such members shall have to be approved by the Executive Committee and such members shall have no voting right.


ii. All ordinary Non-Golfing Members who were enrolled as such prior to 28.12.1997, shall be henceforth Social Members with voting rights.

iii. Any Social Member may convert as a Golfing Member upon obtaining a Handicap as per rules framed by the Executive Committee from time to time and the Executive Committee has the power to accept or decline such application for Golfing membership. In the event of a Social Member possessing a valid Handicap being approved by the Executive Committee to be a Golfing Member, such a Social Member shall have the right to vote by virtue of becoming a Golfing member. Such a member is not entitled to any refund in his entrance fees already paid. The total number of such members will be at the discretion of the Executive Committee by time to time.


A Short term temporary member should have completed the age of 21 years and should not be a permanent resident of Coimbatore District. Such Short Term temporary member may apply to the Committee for membership provided he is a handicap holder duly certified by a recognised Golf Club. A Short Term Membership can be granted to a maximum period of 12 months subject to renewal by the Executive Committee for another 12 months as per the Rules amended from time to time. In addition a minimum Green Fee of Rs. 14,400/- for one year will have to be paid in advance by such short term Temporary member at the time of admission. For over eight rounds per month additional Green fee will have to be paid by such short Term Temporary members. Short term temporary member will be entitled to use the Club and will not get credit facility and have no voting rights.


a) A letter from a member of five years standing should be sent to the Secretary requesting for a proposal form.

b) The Committee will, if approved at its meetings authorise the issue of application form to the propose and may request the proposer to introduce the candidate to the Committee.

c) At its next meeting, the Committee will finally decide and intimate this decision to the candidate through the proposer.

Application for membership shall be made in the prescribed form and shall be submitted to the Executive Committee meeting who shall scrutinize the application and decide about the eligibility for membership of the applicant who shall be proposed by the ordinary member and seconded by and another ordinary member of atleast five years standing. If the application is found in order, the application shall be put at the next meeting of the Committee and the candidate admitted to membership if a majority of those present are in favour and the fact will be intimated to the member through the proposer. The proposed candidate shall have to pay the Entrance Fee and the prescribed annual subscription within fifteen days from the receipt of the intimation.

An applicant whose application for membership has been rejected shall not be entitled to apply for membership before the expiry of 12 months from the date of such rejection. No member shall propose or second more than two applications as per Club calendar year. (ie,.April to March)

d) Preference shall be given for enrollment of member’s children / spouse who wish to become members.

e) Privilege of a Spouse: Spouse of members may use the club and facilities and payment of charges will be as applicable to members. Spouses of any member may play golf and take part in tournaments conducted by the club. Spouses of a deceased member may continue to use the facilities of the Club by applying to the Honorary Secretary in writing. On approval by the Committee, the spouse of a deceased member will be entitled to use the Club by paying the subscription and green fee and any other levy if he/she uses the course. The spouse of a deceased member shall not be entitled to attend, speak, vote or seek election at the meeting of the Club.


Membership of the Club may cease on the occurrence of any of the following:

a)On resignation by the member.

b) On death of the member, winding up or dissolution of the Society.

c) On being adjudicated insolvent by a Court of a competent jurisdiction shall ipso facto cease to be a member but shall be eligible for readmission on being discharged by the Court on such term as to payment of arrears and entrance fees as the Committee may determine.


1. If in the opinion of any office bearer or member of the Executive Committee or if atleast 15 members of the club certify to the Committee that the conduct of any member is injurious to the character, interest, harmony or good order of the club, then such a complaint should be placed by the Honorary Secretary before the Executive Committee which shall take cognizance of such conduct.

2. The member concerned will be informed by the Committee to offer explanation within 5 days in writing and such explanation shall be sought by a letter sent through registered post or courier and a copy of the complaint shall be enclosed to such member.

3. The Committee may require the attendance of such member before them or may deal within the complaint based on the explanation.

4. If the Committee after perusing the complaint and explanation, if any, offered, or after enquiry as the case may be, decide that member concerned is guilty of misconduct, then the Committee is empowered to expel such member forthwith. If the Committee is of opinion that the misconduct alleged is not grave or serious, the Committee is empowered to suspend such member for any period or may discharge him of the complaint.

5. If a member is expelled, he has a right of appeal before the General Body in the next General Body meeting held by the club. However, such expelled member cannot re-enter the club or use the club and facilities on the ground of preferring an appeal to the General Body. The decision of the Executive Committee may be set aside or modified by the General Body on appeal by the aggrieved member facing expulsion. Provided that the decision of the E.C can set aside or modified only by a majority of ¾th of the Member present at the General Body Meeting. The expelled member shall not be allowed entry in the club as a guest of any other member.

6. The suspended member shall not be allowed entry in the club as guest of member during the period of suspension. However, the suspended member will be entitled to all the privileges to use the club after the expiry of the period of suspension, During the period of suspension, such suspended member shall be liable to pay Annual subscription due to the club.

7. The decision of the Executive Committee or the members in the General Body Meeting of the club with regard to expulsion/suspension of a member is not open to challenge in any court of law.

8. Any member who is convicted by a court of law of an offence involving moral turpitude shall cease to be member of the club.


A member of the club may resign by giving notice in writing to the President or the Honorary Secretary of the Club of his intention to do so and on acceptance of the notice he shall cease to be a member. The resignation will be accepted by the President or Honorary Secretary only on approval by the Committee.



For the present the Entrance Fee and Club facility deposit for the various categories of membership shall be as follows all taxes extra.

i. For Golfing Membership the entrance fee shall be Rs. 6,00,000/- and club facility deposit of Rs. 15,000/-.

ii. For Institutional Member the entrance fee shall be Rs.12,00,000/- for the validity period of maximum 15 years, and the club facility deposit of Rs.30,000/-for both the members they are deputing.

iii. For Temporary Membership the entrance fee shall be Rs. 4,00,000/- and a club facility deposit of Rs. 15,000/-.

iv. For the Honorary Members there is no entrance fee or Club facility deposit.

v. A Junior Member need not pay entrance fees and he/she shall pay a Club facility Deposit of Rs.1,500/-.

vi. For Invitation Member there is no entrance fee but only a Club Facility Deposit of Rs.3,000/-.

vii. For Social Membership the entrance fee shall be Rs.5,00,000/- and Club Facility Deposit of Rs. 15,000/-.

viii. For Short Term Temporary Membership a Non-Refundable Fee of Rs. 40,000/- per year will be paid along with a Refundable Fee deposit of Rs. 5,000/-.

ix. Children of Members: Natural sons and daughters of members will pay entrance fee which will be 50% of entrance fee fixed for Golfing and Social members. Adopted children will not get the benefit.

Members shall pay the entrance fee in full and shall be eligible for voting rights only after they have paid the entrance fee and subscription in full. They shall, however pay the entrance fee and subscription from the date of acceptance of membership. The entrance fee may be revised from time to time by the Executive Committee.



Every member shall pay annual Subscription as the Executive Committee may determine from time to time by a resolution in that behalf. For the present it shall be as follows:

1. Golfing Member Rs.9,000/- per annum.

2. Institutional Member Rs.9,000/- for each nominee per annum.

3. Temporary Member Rs.750/- per month.

4. Honorary Member – Nil.

5. Junior member Rs.250/- per Month.

6. Invitation member Rs.250/- per Month.

7. Social Member Rs.9,000/- per annum.

8. Spouse of Deceased Member Rs.9,000/- per annum.

Such Annual Subscription shall be paid within 45 days from 1st April of the financial year. No member shall be entitled to use the Club if he does not pay the Annual Subscription within the stipulated time.

A Register of members shall be kept in which all informations about members shall be maintained. Every member shall inform the change of address as soon as possible.


1. Affiliated member is a person who is a member of an affiliated club with which the club’s reciprocal arrangements are in effect.

2. The affiliated member, if he is a resident of Coimbatore Districts shall not be entitled to use the facilities of the Club.

3. The Committee may at its discretion deny affiliated facilities to any members of any affiliated club without assigning any reason.

4. The affiliated member shall not be entitled to extend the facilities of the Club to his guest.


  1. Golfing and Social members may introduce as Guest, persons who have not been so entertained previously on not more than eighteen occasions in any calendar year. No person who had been a Golfing Member and who has ceased to be a member for any reason can be introduced as a guest to play Golf, unless any Office Bearer / Golf Captain has granted permission.
  2. Members introducing guests under this rule shall be responsible for entering their names with address in the Visitors Book on all occasions.
  3. No Temporary or Affiliated Member shall introduce Guests to the Club.
  4. Walk-In-Golfers: Walk–in-Golfers holding valid Handicap from a recognized Golf Club but not introduced by our members may play on not more than eighteen occasions in any calendar year.
  5. The Guest fee shall be fixed by the Executive Committee and is entitled to revise it from time to time. A guest paying green fee need not pay any further guest fee for using the club.


  1. Every item of expenditure incurred by members shall be acknowledged by the full and legible signature of the member to sign all bills. Failure will be construed as an act of misconduct.
  2. The account of every member shall become due on the first day of the following month to which the transactions relate. It is the responsibility of the members to ascertain from the club his dues to the club, whether he is in receipt of the bills or not, after the 15th day of the month.
  3. Any observation on the bills should be raised within 15 days of receipt of the same.
  4. All accounts should be settled before the 30th day of the following month. If bills are not settled by a member for two consecutive months, then the Secretary shall forward a registered letter to such member inviting his attention to the default committed by the Member. If the account is not settled within 15 days, a copy of the letter will be put up on the Notice Board of the club. If account is not settled by the member within 15 days from the date of posting, then such member in default will not be entitled to use the club or take part in tournaments until the member settle the account in full. If the Annual Subscription is not paid within 45 days from 1st April of the Financial year then the same procedure set out above will be followed by the Secretary.
  5. Should a member leave his account un paid as aforesaid, he shall ipso facto cease to be a member of the club on expiry of the 15th day from the date of posting of the Registered Letter and the necessary communication will be sent to him and his name will be removed from the list of members automatically.
  6. If in the opinion of the Executive Committee, a member systematically defaults to pay the bills and keeps up the arrears, the credit limit of such member shall stand withdrawn for the next 6 months and defaulting members who pays up the arrears after publication of his name in the notice board, will not be entitled to avail credit facility for the next 6 months from the date his name is published in the notice board.
  7. A Member likely to be away from Coimbatore for a few months may inform the Honorary Secretary in advance, so as to avoid the procedure set out above.


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1. A. The affairs of the club shall be managed by the Executive Committee of not less than 9 and not exceeding 15 members comprising of:

1. President
2. One Vise President
3. One Honorary Secretary
4. One Honorary Joint Secretary
5. One Treasurer
6. Not less than 5 and not more than 10 Committee Members including the Golf Caption. The Executive Committee shall be elected in the Annual General Meeting every year. The President of the club shall for all legal purpose be the officer of the Club.

B. At each Annual General Meeting, members eligible to vote from among the Golfing Members, Ordinary Non Golfing Members prior to 28.12.1997 and Institutional Members, shall elect a President a Vice President, a Secretary and a Treasurer and not less than 5 and not more than 10 Committee Members all of whom have at least 5 years standing. Such Committee shall take office at the conclusion of the AGM. The EC will elect amongst themselves. One of its members as the Golf Caption for the Golfing season, during the first meeting of EC.

I. A list of such names will be put before the Annual General Meeting. If there are exactly fifteen proposals at the time of A.G.M. then they will declared duly elected. If there are more, a vote will be taken, the President being elected first, the Vice President being elected next and other members as are necessary to make the Committee complete. Any member desirous of becoming a Committee Member / Office Bearer of the Club should be proposed and seconded by the eligible members along with his acceptance and send the same to the Secretary. The letter should reach the Secretary 15 days prior to the Annual General Meeting.

II. In the event of the office of the President becoming vacant between two Annual General Meetings, the Vice President shall act as President until a new President is elected in the next General Meeting.

2. The Committee shall have powers to purchase and deal with and sell or otherwise dispose off all articles and things as also to purchase on lease or otherwise acquire, and sell, assign, transfer or otherwise dispose off assets other than land, buildings or their immovable properties of the Club and to pay or receive payment for the same in cash or otherwise.

3. The Committee may appoint any person as the administrative Secretary / Manager of the Club and fix his remuneration and define powers and duties and delegate to him such functions as it may deem desirable or expedient. The Administration Secretary shall be overall incharge of the administration of the Club and under the supervision and control of the President or the Vice President or Honorary Secretary or Golf Caption or in their absence, by the Committee Members.

4. Meeting of the Committee shall be called atleast once in three months and more often if found necessary.

5. The Honorary Secretary shall call for special meeting of the Committee whenever desired to do so by the President or Vice President or any five members of the Committee.

6. 5 members of the Committee shall form the quorum for the Committee Meeting.

7. Any member of the Committee leaving State of Tamilnadu or the country for a period that is likely to exceed for four months, shall automatically cease to be a member of the Committee unless leave is granted by the Committee. Any Committee Member who absent himself for three consecutive meetings of the Committee with out leave of absence shall automatically cease to be a member of the Committee.

8. Any vacancy in the Committee shall be filled by election at the next General Meeting.

9. The Committee shall have power to form standing orders to regulate the use of the Club. Any of the Committee Members can be appointed as Member in-charge for finance, games and bar, catering, entertaining, building, garden and staff. Each of the Committee Member-in-charge of the above activities of the Club are responsible to the Committee.

10. The Committee shall also have powers from time to time to make, vary, amend, repeal and re-enact standing orders and regulations not inconsistent with these rules as may be necessary or expedient or convenient for the proper conduct, management or control of the Club, Sub-Committee, it’s members and it’s properties and effects for effectuating its purpose and objects.

11. All the matters, unless, specifically mentioned in these Rules shall be decided by the majority of the Committee. Incase of equality, the Chairman shall exercise his casting vote.

12. The Committee shall have powers to engage and dismiss any Officer, Officers and employees of the Club and to determine their respective power and duties and to fix their salaries or remuneration and their conditions of service and privileges.

13. No rule made by the Club in General Body Meeting shall invalidate any prior act of the Committee which would have been valid if that had not been made.

14. For the day-to-day financial transactions of the Club, a bank Account shall be opened with any of the Nationalized Banks. The Bank accounts shall be operated with the joint signatures of the Treasurer and any member from among the Committee. In the absence of the Treasurer or a period exceeding 4 months, the Committee shall have power to nominate any one of the Committee Member to act as the Honorary Treasurer.

15. To determine and to make arrangements as to who shall be entitled to sign on the Club’s behalf, cheques, bills, receipts, vouchers, hundies, contracts and other deeds and documents of whatsoever nature.

16. To enter into all negotiations and contracts and to rescind any vary all such contacts and to do all such acts, deeds and things in the name and on behalf of the Club, as it may consider expedient for or in relation to any of the matters aforesaid or otherwise for the purpose of the Club.

To borrow not exceeding Rupees one lakh at the discretion of the Committee any sum or sums of money from members, financial and banking institutions, companies and others, upon such terms and Club shall only be done with prior approval of the General Body.

17. The Club can sue or be used in its own name in the course of carrying on its objects. Any such suit or other proceedings in the name and on behalf of the club shall be instituted, filed defended, contested and otherwise dealt with either by the President or the Honorary Secretary or both.

18. To commence, institute, prosecute and defend all such actions, suits and other proceedings as the Committee any deem necessary or expedient on behalf of the club.

19. To invest and deal with any of the money of the club upon such security and in such manner as it may think fit and from time to time vary, transpose or realize such investments.

20. Should the President and Vice President be absent from any of the General or Committee Meeting of the Club, a Chairman shall be elected by the eligible members present among their number.

XIV. Rights and Duties of Office Bearers

1. The President

The President shall be head of the Club and shall take the Chair at all meetings of the members of the club or of the committee and shall regulate the proceeding in accordance with these rules. He shall have the right of a casting vote whenever necessary.

2. The Vice President

The Vice President shall follow all the duties and enjoy the right and in general act on behalf of the in the later’s absence.

3. The Honorary Secretary

The Honorary Secretary will look after the routine work of the Club. He shall keep the registers, records and documents and shall correspond on behalf of the Club. He shall keep track of the properties of the Club. He shall keep in touch with the members and shall inform them regarding meetings and other functions and programmes. He shall keep minutes of all meetings and reports of all functions and programmes arranged by the Club. He shall have powers to appoint necessary staff to run the club and shall have overall control over them.

a) To direct the convening of meeting of the sub-committees, or of members of special meetings, either on requisition of suo moto.

b) To appoint advisors, consultants etc., whenever necessary and to fix their remuneration.

c) To arrange to publish a journal of the club and to appoint, change or remove Honorary Editor, Publisher, Printer etc., concerning the publication of the Journal.

d) To prepare and present Annual Report, Balance Sheet and Income – Expenditure account of the club to the Annual General Meeting.

e) To appoint arbitrators, when necessary for any general or specific purposes.

f) To do all other acts and things for the fulfillment, furtherance and promotion of the interest of the club.

g) To call for the annual and Extra-Ordinary Meetings.

4. The Honorary Joint Secretary

The Honorary Joint Secretary will assist the Honorary Secretary in discharge of all the duties set out in clause three supra. In the absence of the Honorary Secretary the Honorary Joint Secretary will function as the Secretary, and he will be vested with all such powers and duties of the Honorary Secretary.

5. The Honorary Treasurer

The Honorary Treasurer shall keep account of all collections and expenses of the club. At the end of the financial year, he shall hand over the accounts documents and the cash balance to the Committee which shall examine and approve the same.

6. Golf Captain

The Golf Captain shall be a golfer with handicap and will be elected from amongst the members of the Executive Committee after such committee is elected and the Golf Captain so elected shall be in charge of the golfing activities on the course and shall be the adjudicator for conduct of the game of golf and tournaments and for suspension of the game due to inclement weather. The Golf Captain shall be part of the tournament committee and is empowered to recommend to the committee changes in stroke index and location of Tee Box and pin positions for tournaments. Golf Captain shall preside over the meeting of the club and the Executive Committee in the absence of President and the Vice President. The Golf Captain shall make it his endeavour to keep up the tradition of the game of golf and the spirit in which it is played and whenever required enforce discipline on the course and in the club. The Golf Captain is empowered to view the conduct of the members and take up disciplinary matters concerning members with the committee. The Golf Captain shall have the privilege of being nominated to play with dignitaries, special invites and professionals and will be treated as the first golfer of the course. The Golf Captain will ensure that the dignity and decorum of the club is maintained.

XV. The Annual General Meetings

a. The club shall addition to any other meetings, hold an Annual General Meeting within six months of the expiry date of each financial year. Every Annual General Meeting shall be called at such time, on such date at such place as the Committee may from time to time, determine. The Meeting need not be held at the Registered Office of the Club.

b. At such meeting, twenty five members eligible to vote, present in person shall from a quorum. In the event of no quorum, this meeting shall automatically stand postponed to the same time and place one week later. At this postponed meeting, the members present regardless of the numbers shall form a quorum.

c. The business of the Annual General Meeting in each year shall be (a) to receive the committee’s Report, Balance Sheet and Income and Expenditure account and the Auditor’s Report for the proceeding year, (b) to elect the President, the Vice President, the Honorary Secretary, the Honorary Joint Secretary, the Honorary Treasurer and Members of the Committee, (c) to adopt and approve a budget for the following year, (d) appoint an Auditor or Auditors and to fix his or their remuneration and (e) to transact any other business which may be brought forward by the Committee or by any Ordinary member with due notice.

d. Any member may bring about an amendment, addition or deletion to the Rules and Regulation of the Club, provided he submits his proposal in writing for change atleast one month before the Annual General meeting. Any such amendment, addition or change in the Rules and Regulations shall be carried out by a majority of ¾ of the members present in such General Meeting.

XV(A). Proceedings at General Meetings

1. At any General Meeting the President or in his absence the Vice President shall preside. In their absence, a member of the Committee chosen by the General Body shall preside.

2. The President may adjourn any meeting from time to time if he deems fit, but no business shall be transacted at any adjourned meeting other than business left unfinished at the meeting from which adjournment took place.

3. At any General Meeting a resolution of the meeting put to vote shall be decided on the show of hands. Only members present in person are eligible to vote at any meeting.

4. If however, a poll is demanded by at least five Ordinary Members present at the meeting, the President shall order a poll to be taken, and Scrutinizer will be appointed.
1. Every resolution which has been duly passed according to these Rules at any General Meeting of the Members of the Club shall be binding upon all the members of the Club.

XVI. Election

1. The outgoing Executive Committee shall appoint a Returning Officer, who is not contesting in the election. But the Returning Officer so appointed shall be a member of the Club.

2. New nominations for the Office bearers shall be submitted to the Returning Officer at least 15 days before the Annual General Meeting. The Returning Officer shall scrutinize the same within seven days thereafter.

3. The proposer and the secondary of every nomination shall have also paid their subscription and other dues due to the club up to date on the date of filling nominations. However, a member shall not propose or second a nomination for more than one candidate contesting.

4. The Returning Officer shall scrutinize all the nomination papers observing the Rules and Regulations of the Club and his decision thereon shall be final. Objections, if any, relating to the qualification of any member seeking election may be raised by any contesting candidate in writing to the Returning Officer on or before the last date of scrutiny which will be seven days prior to the Annual General Meeting. Such objections shall be accompanied by payment of Rs.10/- which is non refundable in any case.

If there are more than one nomination for any post, candidates shall be elected by secret ballot.

6. In case, the total number of valid votes polled by each contesting candidate for a single office is equal, the successful candidate among them shall be decided by drawing lots.

7. The Returning Officer shall declare the results of the successful candidate and sign a statement to that effect and shall submit the same to the club.

8. In case of disputes of whatever nature concerning the elections, the same may be raised before the Returning Officers whose decision shall be final.

XVII. Time of Annual General Meeting

1. The Annual General Meeting shall be held within six months from the close of the year. (Year means the financial year beginning on 1st April and ending on 31st March).

2. Every eligible member present in person is eligible to vote and the quorum for such meeting is 25 members.

XVIII. Executive Committee Meeting

1. The President shall convenue an Executive Committee Meeting if requested to do so by majority of the members of the Executive Committee in writing.

2. A notice of three days shall ordinarily be given before a meeting of the Executive Committee. The presence of five Committee Members at the hour and time appointed for the commencement of the meeting shall constitute a quorum for a meeting of the Executive Committee. If no such quorum is present, the meeting shall be dissolved and or adjourned and the members present at such adjourned meeting shall form the quorum for the meeting.

3. Each member of the Executive Committee shall have one vote and in case of tie, the Chairman of the meeting shall, in addition to his own vote, have a casting vote.

XIX. Accounts

1. The books of accounts shall be kept at the Registered Office of the Club or at such other place as the Executive Committee thinks fit and shall be opened to inspection by the members of the Committee during the office hours and such documents shall be audited by a Chartered Accountant or Accountants appointed as Auditors once in a year in the Annual General Meeting. Casual vacancies in the appointment of Auditors remuneration also shall be fixed by General Body or Executive Committee as the case may be.

2. The books of accounts or any other records of the Club shall not be taken outside the office premises except for legally recognized purposes by any Committee Member or any Person appointed by the Committee to carry on the day to day affairs of the Club.

3. The provisions of the Tamilnadu Societies Registration Act, 1975 shall apply to the extent not provided in these Rules and Regulations.

XX. Property and Funds

1. The property both movable and immovable and the funds of the Club shall be held in the name of the Club and shall be under the control of the Executive Committee and no part of property shall be sold, assigned, gifted, transferred or otherwise conveyed or deposited without the authority of the Executive Committee.

2. All monies received shall be deposited in a Nationalised Bank or Scheduled Bank in the name of the Club and the Bank Account shall be operated jointly by the Treasurer and one of the Committee Members specifically authorized for that purpose.

XXI. Special General Meetings

1. The Committee may, whenever it thinks fit, call a Special General Meeting and shall be bound to do so on receiving a requisition signed by 25 or more members of the Club for the time being.

2. If within half an hour from the time appointed for Special General Meeting a quorum of members is not present, the meeting if convened upon the requisition of members shall stand dissolved. In any other case, the meeting shall stand adjourned at the same day in the following week at the same time and place.

XXII. Indeminity

Every member of the Executive Committee, Secretary and other Officers or Servant of the Club, shall be indemnified by the Club and it shall be the duty of the Executive Committee to pay all expenses which may, such member of the executive Committee, Secretary or other Officer or Servant may incur or become liable to and by reason of any contract entered into or act or thing done by him in the interest of the Club as such Officer or Servant or in any way in the discharge of his duties.

XXIII. Dissolution

The Club may at any time be dissolved with the consent of 90% of the voting strength of the Ordinary Members of the Club entitled to be and voting in a meeting specially convened for the purpose of which 21 days previous notice in writing has been given to all members specifying the intention to purpose such resolution, provided always that at such a meeting the quorum shall be 75% of the voting strength of the Ordinary Members.

1. If upon such dissolution of the Club there remains, after the satisfaction of all its debts and liabilities, any property whatsoever the same shall not be paid to or distributed among the members of the Club, but shall be given or transferred to some other institution or Club/s having objects similar to the objects of the Club to be determined by the members of the Club at or before the time or dissolution.)