Dress Code


Dress Regulations

All users including children above the age of 16 shall strictly adhere to the prescribed dress regulations.

Club House

Gentlemen: Shirts with collars, Collarless ribbed high neck T-Shirts, Polo neck Shirts, trousers, shoes or sandals with back straps or Bandgala.

Ladies: Attire befitting the decorum and the area of use. The emphasis is on elegance, poise and grace.

Club Verandah and Front Lawn: Golf attire can be worn.

General Restrictions

The following are strictly prohibited:


  • Collarless T-Shirts
  • T-Shirts with offensive/ vulgar themes/ slogans printed on them.
  • Lungis and rubber slippers are not allowed in the Club premises.
  • Non adherence to the Dress Code shall result in denial of service and users will be asked to leave the premises.


The following dress code is to be strictly followed in the Course , Practice green , Driving Range and Academy with effect from 1st October 2016. Kindly note that the Guests accompanying golfers must adhere to the Club house dress code .