The Course

The Coimbatore Golf Club has established in 1977 by just a handful of Golfers under the visionary guidance of Shri. K. Rajagopal. The object was to develop a Golf Course on par with International Standards and to provide youngsters to take to this game and to give them an opportunity to represent our country. The first 9 holes was inaugurated in October 1985 and rest was completed in the year 1990.

This Club is now considered to have World Class Greens and is now recognised by The Indian Golf Union as a venue for National and International Tournaments.

Highlights of having such a Golf Course in our City:

Golf is today a popular and growing game. A Course in our City is of a Tourist attraction. Infact, when the industries choose a location, in any city a Golf Course in the City is an added advantage for Coimbatore.

We have planted more than seven thousand trees creating an Oasis of greenery in an otherwise dry and arid area. The environmental advantage is immense as the Course is surrounded by innumerable flora and fauna and is naturalist paradise. We also take care to use organic fertilizers as far as possible.

The establishment of the Course has seen employment opportunities to the local people, especially older ladies would otherwise be unemployed.

To sum up our Club is not only formed to enable members to play but to promote golf as a sport. In addition we have created as environmentally friendly area of about 100 acres and has provided employment opportunities.