Rules Of the Club
General Club Rules

Green Fee:

1. Rs.1,888/- for 5 rounds and below. Inclusive of GST.

2. Rs.2,596/- for 6 rounds and above. Inclusive of GST.

3. For Golfers who joined as golfing members but who do not possess a valid handicap  on board will be charged Rs.1180/- per month. They will be entitled to play two rounds per month. If they exceed two round Rs.590/- will be charged for the number of rounds played. Inclusive of GST.

4. 18 Holes will be counted as a single round.

5. 9 Holes will be counted as a half round – for members only and not for guests.

6. Regular Green Fee for Temporary Members will be Rs.590/- for 18 Holes and Rs.295/- for 9 Holes. Inclusive of GST.

7. Guest Fee: Guest Green Fees for Affiliated Club Members / Members Guests Rs.1,000/- for all days. Inclusive of GST. Golfers should carry a Valid Handicap Certificate.

8. Guest Fee: Guest Green Fees for Walk-in Golfers Rs.1,400/- for all days. Inclusive of GST.Golfers should carry a Valid Handicap Certificate.

Interest for Defaulters: Interest will be charged at 2% interest per month to defaulters who are having outstanding for more than 30 days.

Dress code

1. Men’s shirts with collars and sleeves are the only permitted shirts on the Golf Course. Denim Pants / shorts are not permitted as also athletic/tennis shorts.

2. Women’s dresses, skirts, slacks, Golf shorts and Golf shirts/blouses are the only permitted attire on Course.

3. All Shirts must be neatly tucked in.

4. Golf shoes/ Golf Sandals, without metal spikes are the only footwear permitted on Course (No Tennis, Cricket, Walking, Jogging, football, Basket Ball and Base Ball Shoes).

Where there are non-playing Guests accompanying the player, Guests must also be attired as per the dress code. Where guests do not use Golf Shoes, they may not walk onto the Green.

Dress Code at the Club House

All National and State Dress are allowed in the Public Rooms including Dhoti and Pyjama Kurta. Members shall ensure that their guests when invited to attend Club activities are clothed as per Club dress regulations and no relaxation on any ground will be permitted.

Hiring Buggy to Senior Golfers

1. To hire for members those who are medically unfit and for Super Seniors above 65 years of age.

2. It was decided to charge Rs.600/- for 18 hole and Rs.350/- for 9 hole. Inclusive of Service Tax.

3. It was decided that members cannot hire the vehicle if the course is damp due to rain, discretion of Club office.

4. Members are not allowed to use Buggy for Tournaments.

5. Caddy will have to stand at the Back.

6. Buggy cannot Criss-cross fairways. Can go only along the first cut straight.

Guest Rules

1. No guest is allowed to use the Club facilities for more than 18 days in a calendar year.

2. The Coimbatore Golf Club members are requested to ensure that the guests they bring do not exceed this limit. This is not applicable for foreigners staying in Coimbatore on a short term basis (one year and below).

Bar Timings

Due to Excise regulations the Bar timings shall be as follows:

Weekdays -   11:00 am to  3:00pm & 06:00 pm to 11:00pm

Weekends -  11:00 am to   3:30pm & 06:00 pm to 11:00pm

Club closes at 11:00 pm and all members are requested to leave the Club.

Food Brought from Outside

There have been instances in which members have brought food from outside to the Club for consumption. Please note that no food shall be brought from outside by Members, under any circumstances, except for parties as laid down separately.

Payment of Dues: It has been decided by the Executive Committee that Cash payments will not be accepted for any dues to the Club. Members are requested to pay by cheque/Demad Draft.

Coaching for Members

Members are hereby informed that the following two coaches are allowed for coaching:


2. Mr. S. Muthu

3. Mr. G.A. Pandian


1.Mr.P.Sivamoorthy Rs.1250/- per hour. GST Extra.

2.Mr. S.Muthu Rs.600/- per hour. GST Extra.

3. Mr. G.A. Pandian Rs.600/-per hour. GST Extra.

1. Caddies will be allotted, subject to availability by following a token system.

2. Players having permanent caddies must register their names with the Caddy Master, failure to do so the caddy will not be permitted to caddy out of turn.

3. Due to an expected shortage of caddies the Club does not take the responsibilities to provide caddies it is in the interest of the member to have a Golf cart of their own.


Coach Mr.S. Muthu and Mr. G.A. Pandian are available exclusively to coach Juniors on the following days.

Wednesday – Afternoon

Friday – Afternoon

Saturday – Afternoon

Sunday – Morning

Short Term Coaching Programmes

The Club will entertain trainees and Golfers (including non-members) to undergo coaching with our coaches Mr.S. Muthu and Mr.G.A.Pandian.
  1. One week programme - Beginners only Rs.12,000/-. Two lessons per day of one hour duration. GST Extra.
  2. One week programme - Handicap holders Rs. 14,000/-. GST Extra.

    7 lessons one per day per one hour each

    7 Rounds of 18 holes per day
Coach Reservation Rule

Practice Range:

Members may book timings with the Coach for a period of one hour only depending on availability the Coaching period can be extended.

Coaching –In Course:

Players taking Coach in to the course for lessons will be charged of Rs.590/- as Coaching Fees.

On week days the coach can be taken in to the Course only after 9:00am.

On Saturdays the Coach can go in to the course only after 10:00am. On Sundays Coaching on course is Prohibited.

Entrance Fee:
It was decided to receive entrance fee of rupees seven lakhs for Golfing Membership and rupees eight lakhs for Social Membership plus taxes. If approved the candidate shall be given temporary member status. In case of non-handicap holders the present handicapping rule shall apply. Failure to do so will empower the committee to deny membership.

Advertisement Hoardings behind the Tee Box

Each advertisement board of 10 feet X 5 feet would be charged at Rupees One lakh plus taxes. The allotment will be done on first come first serve basis.

Interested members to contact the office.