About Us


Twenty-five years ago, a golf enthusiast, or should I say a golfing addict, dreamt of a golf course at Coimbatore.

At that time, golf was an unheard of game to most Coimbatoreans. Even a few of the now ardent members of this club thought it was an old man’s game. In those days golf courses at Chennai, Bangalore or Mysore had no greens, but were only browns. OGC was the only course, which could boast of greens.

This enthusiast succeeded in getting more and more Coimbatoreans to take up golfing as a sport and as is often the case, in one of the 19th, hole discussions the idea of forming a golf club at Coimbatore was mooted. Unlike most 19th hole resolves this idea turned to reality when the CGC was registered as a Club in 1977 with 20 members and the princely sum of Rs.250 as membership fee

He and his fellow golfers soon realized that if this game were to grow it was imperative to have a coach and Mr. Simran Singh the renowned coach from Chandigarh was brought over.

A coach without a practice range/course would not have been much use. Fortunately land, right in the heart of the city, was leased from the Jail Authorities and the game was on. The proximity was a major reason for the manifold increase in membership in a short period.

This encouraged us to visualize a golf course of our own properly laid out. Thus the seeds of the golf course at its present location, Chettipalayam, were sown.

Having purchased the land, the big question was should the course have the less expensive and easy to maintain browns or the more costly and even more expensive to maintain, greens.

It has decided that the course should be a full 18-hole golf course of championship length and it should have only greens.

Coimbatore Golf Trust was formed and through benevolent donations from the Industrial houses of Coimbatore, the land was purchased.

With the limited resources available the task had to be done in stages. The first nine holes were laid in 1985 and the second nine, 5 years later in 1990. At that point of time it was the first privately owned golf course in the country to have started after World War II.

Since this was purely a golf club, all other amenities were secondary and all resources and efforts were spent for improving and maintaining the course in top class condition.

The World Class Course and the New Club House was possible due to Shri. K Rajagopal and Coimbatore Golf Trust.